“Serve one another in love
— Galatians 5:13


 August 4, 2019, Serve Our Schools

September 29, 2019, Service Worship

Service Worship is a mission opportunity where all members of a church congregation would participate in a mission project in place of a worship service on a Sunday morning. It is recommended that on every month that has five Sundays, on the fifth Sunday, we offer Service Worship instead of regular worship services. Typically, this would be about four Sundays a year. Successful churches that provide Service Worship offer a wide variety of mission opportunities for all abilities. For example, some groups may write letters to people who are in care facilities or bake cookies on the church property for a shelter. Other groups may go to the home of a veteran who is deployed or disabled and do yard work or paint the walls at a church in need. The morning will start with a short service to bless the workers and send them on their way.  In addition to encouraging our own congregation to be in service, successful churches have found Service Worship to be an excellent outreach tool – both to invite those who want to serve alongside us and those who we are serving. If you would like help launching Service Worship at your church, please contact RuthAnn @ faiththatworkstucson@gmail.com. We would love to partner with you!

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