“Seek the welfare (or shalom) of the city,...                           for in its welfare you will find your welfare,"  
— Jeremiah 29:7

Catalina Foothills Church, Pantano Christian Church, and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church are partnering to offer financial help to Good News Community Church. Good News Community Church is located at 701 West Glen, Tucson, AZ 85705. The pastor is Jeff Markland. It has been such a privilege working side by side with other churches!


We also partner with Gospel Rescue Mission, Community Renewal, Interfaith Community Services, Tucson Refugee Ministry, Eagles Wings of Grace, Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, Z Mansion, Caridad Community Kitchen, The Tucson Community Food Bank, Haven Totes, The Tucson Homeless Work Program, our local schools, and more. We intend to work with these organizations and hope to include other churches to help us determine the best areas to serve and the type of services required as well as to expand our partnerships.

As a result of working, partnering, and being visible in these identified neighborhoods, we will gain a better understanding of the community needs which will help us know how to proceed and grow. We will continue to seek God’s will for his guidance in where He would like us to connect to best serve His Kingdom.