“Seek the welfare (or shalom) of the city,...                           for in its welfare you will find your welfare,"  
— Jeremiah 29:7

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church has begun a new ministry called Daily Bread! This ministry came about after Service Worship when we saw a huge need for lunches and Daily Bread for our neighbors in need at the La Frontera clinics around town. Please check out this link to see where you might be able to be a blessing to others! We are hoping that you will be able to choose something to donate once a month for this term, May-August. Thank you for joining us! If you have questions, please contact Louise Boost at louiseboost@comcast.net. We look forward to serving with you!

We're using a Google Document to organize our sign up for Daily Bread. Here is the shareable link:


Once you’ve opened the document, click on the pencil icon to edit the document. You do not need to click save as the document automatically saves your edit.

Thank you again for helping with this important ministry!